Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What is that cack cover of Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon's 'Call On Me' that seems ready to storm the charts? Absolute rubbish, this new version. horrible horrible horrible.
For something that could be such an easily exploitable 'institution', the Notting Hill Carnival is wicked. My first time at carnival (it's never 'the carnival' is it?) on monday, and with a cool bag full of booze I had a great time. Loving hearing the dancehall buff-buff-tish make it's way slowly through the crowd, watching the audience gradually catch on to another tune, another rhythmic code as the soundsystem lorry rolls towards them.

One tune we heard wafting (like so many other benevolent clouds at carnival) over from some outskirts soundsystem was 'Hey Ya' reversioned as 'Ganja'. I'd love to get a copy of this. The dancehall they were playing around the edges was more dubbed and spacey, more swinging and swaying than the rigorous demands of some of the bigger systems. That dancehall beat, the boom-boom on the first beat and between the second and third really must rival the 4/4 in terms of absolute funk purity, the minimum foundations needed to move a crowd. Hidden in it's two booms is the most obvious lesson in syncopation; 'this is on the beat, and this is off the beat'. It's interesting how peoples' conditioning to and experience of certain rhythms affects their taste, and how they react to music aimed at people with different rhythmic knowledge , such as my reaction to single handclap snares on Lil Jon productions, or that period when rock fans got into big beat's big beats (possibly longer post on this to come).

Loads of soca too. I don't know much about soca (or dancehall for that matter), but it seems kind of loose and calypso-y, more the dressing up and parading side of carnival you see in the papers, than the heaving crowds around perilous speaker stacks side, where a tune's 'bigness' can be easily deduced by how much forward crowd momentum it causes.

Best bit, I think, was at 10:30 in the evening, watching the soundsystems drive away up the road, still pumping out the anthems, followed by acres of people walking and dancing along behind them. I wonder where they ended up? In my romantic imagination another carnival, and then another and another until eventually they got back to Notting Hill next year, still playing and dancing and lost in the music. They must not move carnival to hyde park. It would just be some dreary sit down and hear some awful 'main stage' playing ignorable dross type event that passes for en masse celebration these days. Holding it in residential streets makes it noticably removed from the ordinary, (seeing the mundane changed as the carnival is molded around it; bus stops and signs as vantage points, doorways as off licences, the unkind would say driveways as toilets) but this is what makes it seem like a celebration, an open party, rather than some meticulously organised money-spinning 'event'. Long may it remain.
I think i should apologise for my part in the recent outbreak of stupidity in the comments section. I was really angry about the comments at the time (and that moment in time was not particularly easy for various reasons), but i now realise I was just being trolled and wound up, and my flying off the handle makes me look a little silly. I shall try to keep my pottymouth to myself.


Blogger Jak said...

why am i suddenly all bunched up? where's my elegant line spacing?

September 1, 2004 at 7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think you have a pottymouth. sometimes a good "fuck" or "shit" is necessary. nor do i think that by voicing some of these curses directly illustrates your intelligence or lack of.

your lover,

September 2, 2004 at 6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Jack should be applauded for being big enough to apologize for his outbursts. If i had any shred of decency in me then i would apologize on this page also for insulting him. But i don't. Anyway he got a drink off me at Carnival.

September 2, 2004 at 11:47 PM  
Blogger bleughcentral said...

I feel Jack's apology seemed genuine and from the heart and should be taken this way. The comments page left an image, in my mind, of jack on all fours being done quite literally 'doggy-style'. Which, let's be honest, is not what a comments page is supposed to conjure up.

Take it up the anon.

September 15, 2004 at 3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er, I'm a bit of a moron, but can you spell out that dancehall rhythm for me? I've been trying to 'count' it for ages and I just can't get it.

September 15, 2004 at 3:44 PM  
Blogger Jak said...

you know the one! okay, first bass (boom) on first beat. second bass halfway between second and third beats. snare (tish) on fourth beat. got that?

September 15, 2004 at 6:32 PM  
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