Tuesday, September 14, 2004

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The Streets 'Blinded by the lights'
a scarily accurate anti-superclub protest song. During a night out you see so many silent people sporting that blank anhedonic look; absolutely not having the time of their life. Reminds me of weary families trudging round a theme park, their pleasure at the mercy some big money contraption. I love the way those big serous chords, those stern module strings darting around the mix like the waking rapid eye movement of the truly fucked, are kind of obscured by the closeness of the monologue. The music is drowned out by his anxiety and also drowns itself out in it's complete non-descript forgetability, just a general air of authority. Those big e-rush sweeping filter effects perfect to signify his coming up, that quiet vulnerable point when the synths lose their cutting edge, 'maybe i shouldn't have done the second one...BUT even though the kind of big room anthemic prog mulch that this song parodies is dull at best and cynical manipulation at worst, i still can't stop loving...

Goldtrix feat Andrea Brown 'Trippin'
If only all that Sasha and Digweed tedium was as restrained and careful as this. There's still the sternness, and the filtered build up beginning (just like Blinded By the Lights) but instead of the uncomfortable intimacy, it's tense and throbbing and sexy. Her voice is amazing, chesty and authoritative, leaping out of the broad dry landscape provided by the synths. I'd love to know what she looks like but I'd probably be disappointed

I've recently learnt The Big Secret of the DJ; *whisper it* mixing is a complete piece of piss and wicked fun. It's just getting one record to the right speed - cut an eq that you wish to bring in on the other record - bring it in slowly - adjust a bit - ironic spinback - plug headphones into the mic jack - shout something. Done... You would never realise it by the look on some of their faces. If only I'd known this when I used to think that every tweak of an irrelevant knob was another piece of subtle genius.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah yes yer right tis a piece a piss...an great fun...those obviously already lost souls tweaking those knobs in a way that suggests they are subtly making the sound better...by gosh perhaps they are...but in a crowded bar with shite speakers and a room full o piss heads?

March 30, 2005 at 11:47 PM  
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