Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Like Mr Reynolds, I think it's time for drum 'n' bass to be abandoned as this blogs arch-nemesis. I shall send it on it's way to do what it pleases, and not darken these doors again. To end on a positive I like what Jess Harvell put at the bottom of that bloggers v. d'n'b thread;

'dnb is 10-12 years old now, arguably...which means basically it's house around 95-97. lots of big superclub fodder, lcd twelve-inches, and any number of underground, less popular strains (inperspecitve/breakin/bassbin/offshore as relief/cajual maybe?). which means maybe in two to four years we'll have an "underground" dnb scene as vibrant as house's was at the turn of the last decade. can you imagine how good (and weird) a dnb basement jaxx would be?'

yeah!or a d'n'b Perlon or Kompakt or Matt Herbert. I would wager that jungle is probably too fertile a fomula (or anti-formula; the freedom of structure and technique) for this not to happen. Just look at how much music has been created in tribute or debt to jungle, ie. loads and loads of the warp/rephlex/planet mu axis. It seems bound to produce something that will one day be worth getting really excited about. But for now, it's goodbye.


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