Thursday, August 19, 2004


just recieved the DJ Minx 'A walk in the Park' with a Matthew Dear remix, and i'm stunned. The Dear mix is cold but not cold in the way you would normally expect. 'Cold' is usually used (in music reviews at least) to describe an absence of 'warmth', a distance, lacking emotion, and is often used in conjunction with 'harsh' or 'metallic' or 'industrial'. 'Cold' is a standard adjective for so much techno music, a by-word for anti-humanity in the music; machines cannot feel, they are numbed by coldness.

This track is cold in an icy, sparkly way. Crystalline structures on a winter car window, or a perfectly designed icicle. There's a sound on the drums that seems to have the consistency of partially melted snow, slushy and fluid but with crunching icy granules. The synth/glockenspiel that seems translucent, but rigid and smooth, the powerder hi-hats; it's all so cold, but that description just seems wrong. The track is too pretty and brittle to be cold in the conventional sense.

I'm trying to fit Wiley's 'coldness' and his recent comments ('I'm feeling warmer') in here. Those cello/cor anglais bits of igloo seem to have that same wintery non-'cold'ness, also those pick axe in ice off-beat clicks. It just seems that cold is usually taken as an absence of 'warm'(as GCSE physics teaches)and feeling, when in fact it has a feel all of it's own.
I must work on my punctuation.
Warp boat party tonight. Warp don't seem to realise that it's all well and good messing about in boats, but getting on and off at strict times is not the rave style. Ah well, as tha MPC says, lobbing Presspack in the Thames could be a fun maritime folly. Plus sounds of the DJs Ceephax, Vibert, AFX, and Plaid; all shall be shipshape. Hoist the blah blah, pieces of etc....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this ages and ages ago and filed it under vaguely interesting, and now I'm listening to the MD album, and I just can't believe how apt your ice metaphor is - it really works ever so well. Fex is so so good.

September 29, 2004 at 2:00 PM  
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