Monday, July 26, 2004


crikey, it's a bit odd. birkenstocks, fungal toe-nail infections, half-interested dancing to yet another cack hybridisation of 'traditional  folk music' and modern flavas *boke*, using the word 'incorporating' to describe ripping off some small african trend, then shoe-horning it into your own inoffensive flat shite. i never ever ever again want to see another smug six-string bass session player, gently grooving around his massive amp stack. the atmosphere there is that of a village fete, which is precisely what i would want if i, like many, had brought the kids up from Guildford or Harpenden or somewhere like that. i know it's very easy to make fun of, and i will resist jibes about reading the guardian etcetc, but there is something completely colonial about womad, leafing through the programme to find something that 'sounds interesting', just like watching a member of the royal family clap along with some 'tribal drumming'. we did see some good stuff; a wedding orchestra from zanzibar playing first solemn and restrained and then frenzied; senor coconut doing kraftwerk and michael jackson songs in a cha-cha-cha/meringue style (nice touch: teutonic-looking man staring straight down at a powerbook in cream suit, looking like ralf hutter surrounded by loud shirts and maracas); a workshop by the dhol foundation which provided context and genuinely interesting paralells with more familiar music, by talking about the functions and methods of the music, instead of just looking on thinking "isn't it good that we're being exposed all these cultures" and going back to reading the latest angela carter (being given away free with the guardian at womad). 'world music' is truly a horrible term.

i suppose the music is hardly the point at womad, it's more about a general idea of doing something good, expanding your horizons, benevolence and suchlike like a museum and in that respect i can't really talk. i got drunk went on fair ground rides and danced to rock the casbah outside a wine stall three nights in a row.

reminds me that i must get round to actually reading Edward Said's Orientalism, rather than just thinking about it.    

this post is a mess, i know. not really as entertaining as a rant, just a load of things that irritated me. i wish there was something shocking and intense, like the bizzy b record i'm listening to now, for people to get rabidly behind, or boo off. i don't know, i'm a tired person. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack, its Ed. Shame that the womad was a bit whackass, but to be honest, isnt that exactly what you expected it to be like? Just going to say i got a promo of Milanese mini album. To be honest its all a bit "look how many effects i can use at once" and 5 of the six tracks are jonesing for a bit of a tune and originalty at that....but there is one absolute stunner of track that i reckon you will cream yourself over. Its called Billy Hologram, its the first track. Its kind of grimey-ish with some darkside mangled voiced bad man chatting breeze,with some rinsin bass, great beat and some mad synth stuff. Check it out.

July 26, 2004 at 11:13 PM  
Blogger Jak said...

will do ed. i'll give you a ring today

July 27, 2004 at 10:04 AM  
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