Wednesday, July 14, 2004

this weekend

as a celebration of/ middle finger to my new job (temping in kitchens; start now postponed till thursday) this weekend is going to be bbboshing. as previously advertised, i'll be at the rebel bass night on friday (really looking >>>forward to this; I like the star wars rebellion theme on the website and Plasticman being 'expelled from the galaxy of Gargagia for the trafficking of outlawed bass frequencies', that's jokes), and on saturday I have a choice between:

A> Ivan Smagghe in Nottingham
B> !!! and Andrew Weatherall at Fabric
C> a friend's housewarming mini-party in Cambridge

Realistically, I'm probably going to go to Cambridge housewarming do, and maybe head back late for !!!/weatherall, but it's an excruciating decision (although none of them are exactly rare catches at the moment). Smagghe's electro-house compilations (I've heard 'suck my deck' and 'death disco') this year have been killer. Was listening to death disco today and realised that even though I can recall the names or artists of ooh, maybe two or three tracks, I know the words to the vocal tracks off by heart*. On 'suck my deck' (I'd really like to be able to refer to this album by a different name) there are less vocals so the samples will have to do for identification purposes. So there's 'bounce check' which has a wheezy robot voice going 'bounce check bounce check bounce check bounce' and then...BASSLINE. 'lady in a red dress' (forgotten the original artist, but Tiefschwarz are the remixers) has Frank from Donnie Darko saying the title and ...seriously I can't describe it you have to hear it for yourself, it's as much fun as a bouncy castle, or a rocket powered pogo stick but mdma euphoric as well. Plus the funniest drum fill of all time. Death disco is more of a mixed bag with a funny slower tough as old boots italo-y section, and Kiki 'love sikk'; a kind of stately regal house track. Superpitcher's schaffel mix of Quarks 'I walk' is a sultry cabaret seduction. If I were to write an electroclash musical, which come to think of it would be completely appropriate, this would be sung in the club by the leading lady. Hmm I wonder what warren fischer's doing at the moment, this sounds like a project...

* therefore good compilation/dj set= when the track titles are superfluous and all of it alchemically merges into one.

I've only properly heard 'Me and Guliani Down by the schoolyard' from !!! and I didn't get it at first. Didn't like the way The Edge turns up to play guitar in the middle bit, vocals are silly, only memorable tune is that doodoodoodoo bit. But then I listened to it on headphones and walked in time with it and couldn't stop listening to it. It is still a bit of a structural mess, but the bits are so good. The sleaze grind bassline and cowbells made for a private eye to do his snooping around to; the erratic brass section, like James Brown if he loosened up a bit and didn't fine his band for getting things wrong. And the way at 3:30 it tenses up and vibrates until it explodes into well, a slightly misfiring chorus. Still, it gets better as the Edge is cut and the thin stringy guitars return. From what I've heard of the album the LCD soundsystem should have nothing to worry about in the NY dancefloor stakes, but I suppose they're different, LCD *has* house where !!! *has* Pfunk. Still I'd love to see them live, and Andrew Weatherall I can't get enough of at the moment.

I only heard andrew weatherall dj a few months ago, and he was great. Just loads of really good unfamiliar electro-house and soulo 'switch' (psuedonym of the usually pigshit Jameson, UK garage fact fans! I can't find that track anywhere, if anyone is listening can they sort me out?) which is kind of a jacking garage track if i remember correctly. But I really like him as well. I saw him flicking through dub cd's in rough trade, with his pock-marked yellow skin and ridiculous combed back haircut, greening tatoos, and his now regulation uniform of check lumberjack shirt and huge turned up jeans, heavy boots. He looked like someone you wouldn't mess with in the first place going to a fancy dress party as someone you wouldn't mess with. He dances to northern soul endearingly badly aswell with arms coming into his chest in a reverse breaststroke. face also a picture of trance-like boredness.

the choice, as they say, is mine.


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erm...forgotten what i was gonna say.

something about weatherall maybe....

thought the thing about the edge was funny.

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