Saturday, July 17, 2004

rebel bass

gosh it was really good.
i feared the worst when at midnight marcus from rephlex was playing a pretty potent jungle set (capone 'massive', soundmurderer 'call da police', AND skeptic 'tear') to about fifteen people. I dread cavernous empty club nights, they are so pointless and depressing. it gradually filled up and by warlock there was an atmosphere, a sense that everyone was, in pirate radio parlance 'locked in', bodies mechanically controlled by every whipcrack snare. At times like this i find it hard to believe that the 'vibe' is actually intangible, just a shared perception by a load of people listening to the same music (no i wasn't on drugs, but about four different types of beer and an addlestones blatantly helped me do my bit for the vibe).
Plasticman was brilliant. such a suprise after the End events were slightly underwhelming, and the tunes he played stood out a mile from trudgy go nowhere dubstep tracks, boring ganja-addled murky bass where drum twitches eliminate the moving thrust of the tune. What made his tracks stand out was the splintering metal treble, laser guided precise hi hats, rather than complete emphasis on bass that sometimes overpower the pinball machine funk . 'pump up the jam' even sounded flat in comparison, just because the rest were so well structured and dynamic. honestly it seemed like what he was playing was miles further down the evolutionary timescale than some. the highlight was he dropped a 4/4 track (an emerging trend- warlock played lfo 'freak' at the end of his set, always welcome, and i think plasticman has a 4/4 track out) and then came straight out of that into a lethal rhythmic doosra. this sudden change was electric, so satisfyingly wrong-footing. I struggling a bit to write about this 'cos i don't have the music to listen to, but i can remember the sight of people not just bouncing around, but real improvised choreography; reflex head movements like avoiding punches, arms jerking out to bass hairpin corners, wrists flicking pointed fingers to respond to flash-cut snares, it was going offff. it's moments like that you suddenly see the point of re-winds, kind of 'what the fuck?!, did that actually happen?!' moments, so fleeting but powerful that they deserve to break up the flow in order to pay them their full respect.
anyway big up the massive. t'was a wicked night. i said congrats to warlock and plasticman in my slightly nervous 'you must get this all the time, and you know what i'm going to say so I'll keep it brief and awkward' way. also mistook new warp-geezer jimmy edgar for someone else. nice chap though.       


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i hear ya man

July 22, 2004 at 11:51 PM  

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