Monday, July 19, 2004

daytime radio 1 is going some way to lighten my mood while i'm hunched over the industrial dishwasher at work. kanye's 'all falls down' can't fail to make me smile, it's so effortless. i'll pick up the album tomorrow.
also try as i might i can't dislike spitting games by snow patrol. like if my bloody valentine had signed to a huge label, who had forced them into releasing an andy wallace mix of 'when you sleep', with a middle eight tacked on. hmm, that sounds awful. maybe hearing this just makes me pleased that never happened.     
silverdollarcirle on three of a kind 'babycakes'. read!
having heard it now the chorus really is amazing, it's seems made to sound like two people gently singing a song they heard on the radio to each other. only as they sing it, they realise the way it completely describes their situation and are kind of embarassed by the honesty, but can't hide the excitement of knowing they feel the same way towards one another.


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