Sunday, July 18, 2004

also enjoying

ibi - 'macula' (pro-jex) 
on a pro-jex mix album that i bought mainly because it was called 'jack!' and had some odd cover art with frogs. it's a building minimal snappy techno track with kind of dubstepping snares, and a sample of a woman telling a chorus of her friends about last night. 'went home with the motherfucker/ i'm thinking i'm gonna goddamn get my ass tore up/ TORE UP!'. bird song in the background. the sample ends in a slightly weird place- i counted 20 bars before it started again and a new percussion element joined the track- and so the usual 16 bar structure is put out of joint. itchy, flaky funk.
being hungover
went to aforementioned house warming party and so missed weatherall/!!! but i probably wouldn't have had a better time. slept on a floor with my clothes on and no covers whatsoever, and woke up drunk, but i love the gallows humour (ed's description) and the pure sillyness of everyone feeling crap together. stupid jokes, hearing mogwai young team for first time in ages, playing I-spy in the car...the good stuff.


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